Q:What's the latest my service can be restored?

A: Hours of operations are 9am-11pm est time. 


Q: How do I make a payment?


  1. Visit our "buy now" page.
  2. Choose the subscription length you would like to purchase.
  3. Choose how many devices you want access to in the drop down (3 or 4 devices)
  4. Add to cart.
  5. View cart.
  6. Checkout.
  7. Enter your payment and general information.
  8. Complete order.

(No account needs to be started as we match the information from your previous Order)


We also accept zelle transfers to support@truetvgo.com or cashapp transfers to $TrueTV. Please make sure to add your name to the note field of your transfers. 


Q: What does it mean when your "attempt to authenticate"?

A: When a device is being used in a different IP address (different house), your device has picked up a wifi signal or you're using a VPN. If you receive this error it means your account has been temporarily suspended. Please contact a True TV rep to have the suspension removed. 


Q: Why can't i find the SoPlayer app on the home screen of my device?

A: In some cases the SoPlayer app could have shifted to the end of the app list. To fix this search the "see all" option under your app list and the Nora app should be there. To fix this issue from continuing move the Nora app to the front.


Q: Why do some channels show "No Video Input"

A: There are some channels we do not have a contract to show or your service is running slow and you might need to reset your modem 

Q: Are their local channels?

A: we are actually scheduled to remove all local channels. Local channels are difficult to stream and ultimately effect the overall service. You can purchase a local channel antenna in Walmart or Amazon it will provide you local channels without impacting the premium channels in our service.


Q: I can't view the adult channels or I'm stuck in the adult section, please help?

A: Please visit our "helpful hint" page for detailed instructions on how to access and/or get out of any of the adult channels.